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Vernon Bankruptcy Lawyer Works to Relieve Debt Problems

Sussex County advocate offers a wide range of financial solutions

Debt struggles can be overwhelming, preventing you from enjoying life in northwestern New Jersey. Fortunately, effective solutions exist to help people overcome financial problems and return to the lifestyle that they desire. At the Law Offices of James C. Zimmermann in Vernon, we have used bankruptcy and other methods to relieve the financial burden facing individuals, families and businesses for more than 25 years. No matter how difficult your situation might seem, attorney James Zimmermann has the background and determination to deliver a successful resolution for you.

Skillful New Jersey adviser outlines the benefits of bankruptcy protection

Bankruptcy is not an admission of financial mismanagement, but a legal tool designed for people and companies who need help with overwhelming debt. In Sussex County and the surrounding area, we help clients take advantage of bankruptcy benefits, including:

  • Stopping harassment from creditors — Once you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay is issued by the court. This means that creditors must stop contacting you about late payments until the judge approves a resolution. This pause gives everyone the chance to address your issues in a calm, reasonable manner.
  • Avoiding repossession and service cutoffs — The protection you receive during the bankruptcy process includes halting collectors from seizing your property or cutting off your electricity or water service. If creditors violate these rules, we will take immediate action.
  • Preventing wage garnishment — Handling your debt obligations requires access to all of your resources. That means bankruptcy lifts garnishments so that you can use what you’ve earned in the most effective manner.
  • Making a fresh financial start — Whether you need to have debts discharged completely or simply require fairer repayment terms, a well-handled bankruptcy gives you the chance to rebuild your credit and move forward confidently.

In a free initial consultation, attorney James Zimmermann can assess your situation and outline a strategy that will put you back on a strong foundation.

Dedicated attorney helps clients choose the right debt relief program

Working closely with you, our firm will find the best debt relief solution for your circumstances. Options may include:

  • Chapter 7 debt discharge — When there is no reasonable way to escape your debt problems without intervention, our firm can take you through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that provides available funds to creditors and then eliminates nonexempt debts.
  • Chapter 13 repayment plans — If you’re earning income but are having trouble breaking even with your monthly obligations, we can craft a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan that sets manageable terms and extends the time you have to repay what you owe.
  • Negotiation with creditors — Sometimes a strong advocate can persuade creditors to offer some relief even without bankruptcy litigation. We work vigorously to reach mutually acceptable terms when possible.

Whatever path works best, we provide complete, personalized support at every stage of your case.

Trustworthy firm aids companies seeking Chapter 11 reorganization

Businesses know that the best way to tackle money problems is to keep revenue coming in. Our firm works with retailers and other companies to restructure debts through Chapter 11 bankruptcy while keeping the doors to your business open. By adjusting your financial obligations and making internal changes, our firm can give your business the best chance to rebound.

Contact a knowledgeable Vernon bankruptcy attorney for a free initial consultation

At the Law Offices of James C. Zimmermann, we serve clients seeking debt relief in Sussex County and throughout North Jersey. Please call 973-764-1633 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Vernon office, located just off Route 94, about a half mile from Mountain Creek.