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Can You Keep Your Credit Cards in Bankruptcy?

Yes, you can only keep your credit cards in bankruptcy if the creditor agrees to it, however this is rare. The filing of a bankruptcy discharged all of your debts, all of your credit cards, whether you want to or not. Many people have that favorite credit card, store card account that want to keep. Sometimes a creditor will let your keep a credit card if your sign a new agreement to owe the entire balance. Bad idea. Before you “commit” to repay thousands of dollars on an old credit card, remember you may only be 90 days away from new credit. A new credit account has a zero balance. Keeping an old credit card may require you to repay thousands of dollars of old charges. The credit industry may be the most competitive market alive. Creditors want you back, they want anyone that has income and no debt. After your bankruptcy, this can be you. Your keeping your income and all your debt is discharged. Many people are shocked to find that they are receiving new credit only “days” after they file bankruptcy. In the end, you don’t need your old credit cards. Enjoy your fresh start with all new credit.

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